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VANTEC+ Training

Since Vantec+ was launched up to now, IPS has held courses on Vantec+ in more than 60 districts all over the country. Thus, more than 15.000 installers have received training on our new line of household gas transportation with fusion joints.

All licensed gas technicians need experience in new systems in order to be authorized to use them, so IPS has organized training sessions in two parts. In the first one, all the benefits of the new line are explained. And in the second one, technicians practice how to weld (thermofusion welding), etc. under supervision of highly qualified staff. Thus, licensed gas technicians are properly trained on how to install VANTEC+.

In accordance with ENARGAS Regulation nº 3251/05, articles 8 and 9, the licensed installer l receives a card that certifies he has attended and passed the course on gas transportation in internal installations (NAG E-210), under the supervision of the Certification Body. The card is not transferable and it will be submitted together with the gas technician’s license whenever required by the local distributor.

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